Staff Directory

Staff Name Role Phone Number
Andreozzi, Gabrielle Art Educator 970-488-7342
Baatz, Trent Math Educator 970-488-7373
Baca, Sara Secretary - Athletics, Secretary - Attendance, Secretary - Gifted and Talented 970-488-7351
Baker, Julie School Counselor 970-488-7311
Ballantine, Deanna Paraprofessional - Music 970-488-7317
Barker, Evan Social Studies Educator, Coach - Wrestling, Club Sponsor - Weightlifting 970-488-7374
Berry-Chaney, Alicia Integrated Services Educator
Blevens, Scott World Languages Educator - Spanish 970-488-7356
Bolinger, Abigail In-House Substitute Licensed
Boschmann, Katrina Mental Health Specialist
Brady, Jason Math Educator 970-488-7377
Burd, Chanda Math Educator 970-488-7379
Burke, Logan Science Educator 970-488-7331
Campion, Lynn Social Studies Educator 970-488-7363
Cesar, Amy Integrated Services Educator 970-556-5529
Chavez, Rebecca Registrar, Secretary - Counseling 970-488-7309
Cocking, Adam Head Night Custodian 970-488-7339
Crane, Mike School Psychologist 970-488-7365
Cruz, Tiffany English Language Arts Educator, Yearbook Coordinator 970-488-7367
Daniels, Stephen English Language Arts Educator, GT Coordinator, Performing Arts Instructor - Drama, Coach - Basketball 970-488-7378
Davidson, Susanne Math Educator 970-488-7324
DeCory, Shayna Secretary - Social Media, Webmaster, Paraprofessional - K12 Instructional 970-488-7277
Dudley, Natalie English Language Arts Educator 970-488-7364
Dvorak, Sheri School Health Technician, Secretary - Front Office 970-488-7308
Edler, Shane Computer Science and TechEd Educator, Coach - Football 970 488 4346
Fisher, Beth Kitchen 970-488-7340
Fontana, Traci English Language Arts Educator
Gann, Felicity Integrated Services Educator
Goodwin, Matt School Custodian 970-488-7339
Gorecki, Sharifah Kitchen 970-488-7340
Greiner, Joshua Performing Arts Instructor - Orchestra, Performing Arts Instructor - Band 970-488-7315
Griggs, Rick World Languages Educator - French 970-488-7366
Grosenbach, Shari Math Educator 970-488-7370
Hampton, Emma Paraprofessional - Integrated Services
Harper-Griffith, Jackson Science Educator 970-488-7335
Hebert, Maree Social Studies Educator, World Languages Educator - Spanish, Paraprofessional - K12 Instructional 970-488-7326
Hoffman, Polly English Language Arts Educator 970-488-7350
Johnson, Katelyn School Social Worker 970-305-1497
Johnson, Jean Performing Arts Instructor - Choir, Performing Arts Instructor - Theatre, Performing Arts Instructor - Band 970-488-7317
Johnston, Laura Social Studies Educator 970-488-7378
Jones, Kylie English Language Development Specialist 970-488-7365
Kennedy, Mark Paraprofessional - Integrated Services, Coach - Wrestling
Kirby, Amy School Principal 970-488-7300
Kirby, Rebecca School Counselor, Coach - Volleyball, Coach - Basketball 970-488-7305
Koch, Betsy School Speech-Language Specialist 970-488-7365
Lemay, Rhonda Paraprofessional - Integrated Services
Lowndes, Dan Physical Education Specialist, Coach - Basketball, Coach - Football 970-488-7338
Loyd, Elizabeth Science Educator, Club Sponsor - Science Olympiad® 970-488-7332
Margison, Kristi Physical Education Specialist 970-488-7336
Martine, Ryan Math Educator, Computer Science and TechEd Educator, Coach - Cross Country 970-488-7306
Nily, Chad Head Custodian 970-488-7339
Panozzo, Erin Science Educator 970-488-7391
Pitner, Stephanie School Counselor, MTSS Literacy Specialist, Coach - Volleyball 970-488-7313
Rakus, Jeff School Custodian 970-488-7339
Reed, Monica Front Office Manager 970-488-7304
Rieb, Codi Integrated Services Educator 970-488-7360 or (Cell) 970-556-5529
Ryan, Lynne School Nurse 970-488-7284
Saint, William Assistant School Principal, Athletic Director 970-488-7300
Sanger, Dusti Dean of Students 970-488-7288
Savage, Officer Megan School Resource Officer 970-490-3698
Savage, Jill School Occupational Therapist
Silverio Ocampo, Yesenia School Family Liaison 970-486-6780
Simpson, Jill Health and Social Sciences Educator, World Languages Educator - German 970-488-7325
Tucci, Amber Kitchen Manager 970-488-7340
Vacante, Sally Family and Consumer Sciences Educator 970-488-7295
Ward, Laura Math Educator 970-488-7362
Way, Matt Tech Site Manager 970-488-7372
Williams, John Physical Education Specialist 970-488-7281
Williamson, Bethanie Integrated Services Educator 970-412-2370
Winey, Tracey Media Specialist, Club Sponsor - Engineering Brightness, Club Sponsor - FCA® 970-488-7385
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.