Staff Directory

Staff Name Role Phone Number
Baatz, Trent Sixth Grade - Math 970-488-7373
Baker, Julie Counselor 970-488-7311
Bales, Sarah Sixth Grade - Social Studies
Balfour, Victoria Eighth Grade - Science
Ballantine, Deanna Performing Arts - Choir
Barela, Mary Eighth Grade - Social Studies 970-488-7275
Barnes, Laura Physical Education
Belleau, Louise Occupational Therapist
Benton, Christina Sixth Grade Teacher - Science (970)488-7351
Blevens, Scott World Language - Spanish, Head Wrestling Coach 970-488-7299
Boese, Elizabeth Speech Language Specialist
Brady, Jason Seventh Grade - Math
Braeuer, Jennifer Sixth Grade - Science
Brown, Keith Sixth Grade - Social Studies, Coach - Basketball 970-488-7300
Burd, Chanda Sixth Grade - Math 970-488-7379
Burke, Logan Seventh Grade - Science
Campion, Lynn Seventh Grade - World Geography 9704887365
Cesar, Amy Integrated Services 970-556-5529
Charron, Susanne Eighth Grade - Math
Chavez, Rebecca Registrar 970-488-7309
Cloud, Tyler PARA
Cobb, Andie Art, Speech and Debate
Cornmesser, Stacey Seventh Grade - Science, Seventh Grade - Math, Seventh & Eighth Grade - Zoology
Decker, Joy Sixth Grade - English 9704887324
Dierking, Tamara Integrated Services
Dudley, Natalie Sixth Grade - English (970)488-7327
Edler, Shane Sixth Grade - Introduction to Technology , 7th/8th Grade 3D Modeling and Design, 7th/8th Grade Aviation and Aerospace, 7th/8th Grade Robotics, Football Coach, Wrestling Coach, FIRST Lego League Advisor 970 488 4376
Fluegge, Amy Integrated Services 970-488-7354
Fontana, Traci Seventh Grade - English 970 488-7360
Godfrey, Peter PARA
Greiner, Joshua Performing Arts - Orchestra 970-488-7315
Grosenbach, Shari Algebra 1, Algebra II 9704887367
Hawthorne, Megan Eighth Grade - Math
Healy, Kyle Administrator - Dean of Students 9704887277
Healy, Lindsey World Language - Spanish 488-7318
Heyse, Patty Psychologist 970-488-7320
Hoffman, Polly Sixth Grade - English 970-488-7362
Hollenbeck, Andrea Performing Arts - Band
Howell, Mark Media Center Tech (970) 590-0767
Husted, Leslie World Language - Spanish 1
Johnson, Katelyn Social Worker 970-305-1497
Johnson, Jean Performing Arts - Choir, Musical Theatre Co-Director 970-488-7317
Jones, Kylie English Language
Kirby, Rebecca Counselor 970-488-7291
Klass, Mary
Koch, Betsy Speech Language Specialist 970-488-7320
Lemay, Rhonda PARA
Lewis, Kasey Integrated Services 970-556-5063
Lowndes, Dan Physical Education
Loyd, Elizabeth Eighth Grade - Science
Margison, Kristi Physical Education, Health
Markland, Miranda World Language - French
Martine, Ryan Eighth Grade - Math, Coach - Speech & Debate, Coach - Track, Coach - Cross Country 970-488-7328
Matkin, Lindsey Administrator - Assistant Principal 970-488-7288
Mccleney, Shannon Front Office - Athletic Secretary 970-488-7303
Needy, Lisa Seventh Grade - Math 970-488-7368
Nily, Chad Front Office - Custodian
Panozzo, Erin Seventh Grade - Science
Pitner, Stephanie Counselor 970-488-7313
Quinton, Lindsey PARA, World Language - Spanish 1
Reed, Monica Front Office - Office Manager
Rieb, Codi Integrated Services (970)488-7287
Ryan, Lynne Nurse
Saint, William Administrator - Assistant Principal, Athletic Director 970-488-7300
Sampson, Kathryn Eighth Grade - Math
Sanger, Dusti 7th Grade English, 7th/8th Grade Drama, MTSS Literacy Specialist 970-490-7365
Savage, Jill
Savage, Officer Meg Front Office - SRO
Schlehuber, Emily Sixth Grade - English, Coach - Cross Country, Coach-Softball, WEB and Leadership
Schmer, Amy Administrator - Principal (970) 488-7300
Schuerman, Alex PARA
Scott, Susan Seventh Grade - English
Simpson, Jill World Languages - German, Health
Sims, Lori Seventh Grade - Math
Sincavage, Kelliee Cafeteria Manager 970-488-7340
Stansbury, Kelly Sixth Grade - Social Studies, Lacrosse Club 970-488-7387
Stern, Roslyn Eighth Grade - Math, Algebra 970-488-7356
Summers, Krista Counselor 970-488-7305
Tarkinson, Anne Eighth Grade - Science 970-488-7343
Tenpenny, Rebecca Art 970-488-7341
Terheggen, Chris Eighth Grade - English, Yearbook
Twogood, Linda Media Center Tech Assistant 970-488-7384
Vacante, Sally Family and Consumer Sciences 970-488-7295
Valdez, John Eighth Grade - Social Studies 970-488-7276
Walz, Eric Seventh Grade - Social Studies 970.488.7376
Ward, Laura Sixth Grade - Math 970-488-7376
Way, Matt Tech Site Manager 970-488-7372
Williams, John Adventure Ed, Outdoor Living
Winey, Tracey Media Specialist
Wolff, Tamara Eighth Grade - English, Musical Theater Co-Director
Yacobucci, Dante Seventh Grade - English, Eighth Grade - English 970-488-7364