Standards Based Grading

Standards-Based Teaching and Learning 

Proficiency Score Academic Achievement Descriptor

4 (3.5-4)

Advanced The student consistently demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the standard/benchmark, exceeding course-level expectations.  the student applies and extends the key concepts, processes and skills. Performance is characterized by high levels of quality and complexity. 
3 (2.5-3.49) Proficient The student consistently demonstrates a thorough understanding of the standard/benchmark and meets course-level expectations.  The student applies the key concepts, processes, and skills.
(1.5-2.9) Approaching Proficient The student demonstrates some understanding of the standard/benchmark.  performance is inconsistent and varies in regard to accuracy and quality. 
1 (0.5-1.49) In Progress The student does not demonstrate an understanding of the standard/benchmark.  Student is well below course-level expectations.  Performance is inconsistent even with support.
(0.0-0.49) Insufficient Evidence The student has not completed a sufficient amount of work to determine a proficiency level.