Standards Based Grading

Standards-Based Teaching, Learning and Reporting

PSD Middle School Standards-Based Reporting

What are the Guiding Principles in PSD Middle Schools’ standards-based teaching, learning, and reporting system?

Middle School Educators in the Poudre School District will:

  • Define and communicate what students need to know–the Colorado Academic Standards
  • All students deserve access to a consistent, viable, rigorous curriculum
  • Assess growth and mastery to inform and to guide teachers’ instructional decisions
  • Learning is constant; time is the variable
  • Provide multiple ways to demonstrate mastery
  • Differentiate instruction based on the evidence of what students know, understand, and are able to do
  • Provide intervention and enrichment through  PSD’s multi-tiered system of supports
  • Report specific scores reflecting progress toward the mastery of the Colorado Academic Standards

What does teaching look like in a standards-based teaching, learning, and reporting framework?

  • Instruction meets the needs of every student and encourages them to achieve at high levels
  • All units, lessons and activities are intentionally linked to the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Common courses have common expectations, common standards, and common assessments
  • Teachers know exactly where students stand in their progress toward mastering the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Teachers provide enrichment and intervention to meet the learning needs of students, using the multi-tiered system of supports
  • Collaboration among teachers encourages consistency
  • Professional development is focused on teachers helping students achieve at higher levels

What does learning look like in a standards-based teaching, learning, and reporting framework?

  • Learning targets are clearly defined
  • Students understand the expectations and purpose of units, lessons and activities
  • All assessments are intentionally aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Students have multiple opportunities and ways to show mastery

What does reporting look like in a standards-based teaching, learning, and reporting framework?

  • Reporting accurately reflects what students know and are able to do as specified by the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Work habits are reported separately to show the influence of other factors on student learning
  • Mastery is identified as a scale score using the categories of advanced, proficient, partially proficient, in progress, and insufficient evidence

How will practice homework be included in the report card?

  • Homework completion will be included under Work Habits
  • What students learn by doing homework will be reflected on their academic grade

What are work habits?

  • Work habits are behaviors that influence the student’s performance
  • Types of work habits include: being prepared, participating in learning, producing quality work, critical thinking and reasoning, information literacy, collaboration, self-direction, and invention

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