Check our the French Music Video here

French Music Video

Music Video  “Peux-tu me dire?”

Did you know that Ms. Markland’s Teal 5 French class made a MUSIC VIDEO?!?  The French band “21 juin le duo” designed a contest for French classes around the world to make a new music video for their song “Peux-tu me dire?” which calls us to start acting for the environment.  The band will announce their 5 favorite submissions later this month, and will give each of those schools a private virtual concert and interview.  Preston’s music video was planned, directed, filmed, and edited by students over 4 weeks, and you can watch it here


Singers: Fawn Barry, Laya Greenacre, Mara Santilli, and Rylee Motter

Dancers: Bella Rice, Brooklyn Gorges, Clara Dusek, Emily Breyer, Evelyn Ward, Sayre Loy, Rachel Smith

Snowman: Carter Brazelton

Film Crew: Alex Hill, Colin Coffey, May Khantha, and Nate Morrow

Editing: Nate Morrow

Behind-the-scenes Crew: Connor Folkman, Megan Curtis, and Xochitl Ponder

Graphic Design: Xochitl Ponder

Poster-hanging crew: Barrett Chastain, Leah Silverman, Morgan Ziemer, and Rachel Smith