Math Counts

Supervisor: Roslyn Stern, rstern@psdschools.org488-7300

Room : N211


Membership Description:  MATHCOUNTS is a national middle school competitive mathematics program that promotes math achievement through a series of fun and engaging contests.  The program is geared towards students who love math, problem solving and pattern recognition.  We learn ways to figure out tricks to solve math problems in unique and quick ways.  The after-school program meets weekly on Thursdays to practice and top students have the opportunity to represent Preston at a district, regional, and state level (and possibly even at the national level!).  The competition is a bit like a spelling bee, but with math!  Most aspects of the competition have a time component...who can get the correct answer first or who can answer the most correct answers in the time allotted.  We also have a 6th-hour elective class for students who are interested in a math enrichment but may or may not be interested in the competition aspect. Subject matter includes algebra, geometry, combinatorics, counting, and number theory.