Visitors are always welcome at Preston Middle School!  

Maintaining the safety of our school is of the highest priority.  Any visitors, including volunteers, parents, and siblings, must check in at the Preston front office. Preston operates as a closed campus.  This means that our students may not leave the grounds from the time they arrive in the morning until dismassal unless they have parent permission, and they have been properly checked out in the main office.

If you plan to be ON or OFF campus interacting with Preston Students a back ground check must be in place for the safety of ALL of Preston students.  Please register as a Volunteer HERE on the PSD website.  This would include after school hour field trips. 

Please plan to sign in at the Front Office when you arrive.  

If you are interested in learning more about Preston for your student, you can make an appointment to meet with one of the counselors and/or the Registrar to get more details about attendance requirements and to learn about all the options that are available.  Contact the Counseling Office at 970-488-7309.