Get Connected to Preston

Preston Middle School strives to keep both parents and students informed about all that is happening here at Preston. Puma Parents can stay connected by :

  • The Preston Website: Select the Parents tab. You will find current and archived weekly updates as well as current and archived Newsletters.  The Calendar found on our main page.
  • Email:  Parent email information is now collected from Synergy and ParentVue .

  • Phone/Mail: Preston makes periodic phone calls and sends periodic mailings to parents. Parents are encouraged to keep phone numbers, addresses, and emergency contact information updated throughout the school year. If you have a change of any contact information, please contact our Registrar at 488-7309.

  • Per District policy, changes of address require documentation of the new address (ie, lease, purchase agreement, utility bill, updated driver's license). Please provide a document to the Registrar in order to process a change of address. 

  • Website: Find the latest news, schedules and  information. 

  • Blackboard: View teacher Blackboard pages on a regular basis for classroom assignments and other events. We encourage parents and students to sit down together to learn how to login and navigate Blackboard. Your student has been provided with a username and password for access. Find more details about Blackboard here.

  • ParentVUE and StudentVUE:  ParentVUE replaces Student Snapshot and Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV). The application gives parents access to school information, student information, verification of contact information and more. Find ParentVUE details here. Visit the ParentVUE Portal here.

  • Preston Middle School Facebook Page

  • Preston Parent Organization (PPO): Contact the Preston PPO at