Bus and Traffic Information


  • Bus schedules will be available on the PSD transportation website beginning in early August.
  • Access morning and afternoon bus stop information here.
  • Route numbers identify buses.
  • Students will determine their morning and afternoon bus based on the route number.

In most cases, the route number for your child’s morning bus will be different than the route number for your child’s afternoon bus.
The route number will be posted in the window closest to the entrance door of each bus.

  • Cards/labels help students determine correct bus:

To help students learn their route numbers, elementary and middle school students will be given a card/label when they get off of their morning bus at the beginning of the school year. The card/label will have their morning bus route number and the afternoon bus route number and should aid students in finding the correct bus in the afternoon.
The card can be carried by the student until they remember their route numbers.

  • Please encourage your child to ride the bus the first day of school so they can learn the system. School staff members, bus drivers, and additional transportation staff will help guide students to the correct buses the first couple days of school to familiarize students with the process. If you have questions about bus routes, please contact the PSD transportation department at 970-490-3232 or visit the PSD transportation website.  Here is a Bus Map   (Diagram 1) of the line up of the buses at Preston.
  • Learn more about one-time bus passes.

Diagram #2-Morning Traffic Pattern
Diagram #2-Morning Traffic Pattern

Morning traffic pattern at Preston Middle School: (See Diagram #2)

All parent drop offs need to enter at the front north entrance to the school. It is a one-way entrance so two lanes can be formed. Please do not block the crosswalk at the entrance as you are waiting to enter coming from the north. The right lane continues along the sidewalk to the front of the school and then back out the south entrance. The left lane turns into the middle parking row or the east parking row. Students will exit their cars and use the crosswalk to get to the front of the school. If all students are prepared and ready to exit the vehicle when stopped, this will help alleviate the long lines. All cars will then merge and exit out the south entrance.

Note: Between 7:20am and 7:40am all cars will turn right (south) on Corbett Dr. No parent drop off is allowed behind the school in the morning as buses drop off in back in the morning.

Diagram #3-Overall Preston Traffic
Diagram #3-Overall Preston Traffic

You can go south to Rock Creek Dr. and then turn left to access Ziegler Rd., right to access Timberline Rd., or continue south to Kechter Rd. to go east or west. (See Diagram # 3)

Please keep in mind that this traffic situation will be worsened on bad weather and cold days as more parents drive students. Please get them on the bus or have them walk or ride their bikes most of the time.

Afternoon traffic pattern: (See Diagram #4 below)

Diagram #4-Afternoon Traffic Pattern
Diagram #4-Afternoon Traffic Pattern

Buses will occupy the front of the school along the red curb and the rear of the school along the red curb. Parents can park on Corbett or in the Preston lot if there is room. Please do not park and wait behind or in the Handicapped spots or park and wait behind other parked vehicles in the lot. The last bus in front of the school by the entrance should be #089, if that bus is not there, do not park behind the buses along the red curb. The bell rings at 2:35 and the buses leave at 2:42, All car traffic in the parking lot will be stopped at 2:42 to allow the buses to leave. After that time, cars are welcome to come in along the red curb for student pickup.

Note: Between 2:30pm and 2:45pm all cars will turn right (south) on Corbett Dr. Parent drop off and pick up behind the school after 2:45pm will be allowed except during athletic events.

Diagram #5
Diagram #5

Due to the need for emergency vehicle access in case of injury, there will be no parking behind the school during athletic or special events. The only exceptions will be made for handicapped and elderly spectators. There is parking in the front lot after hours and along Harvest Park Lane to the south of Harmony Park. The lot at Traut Elementary is also available for parking but keep in mind that they get out at 3:05pm, parents will be occupying the street and lot there for pickup. Please time your arrival for athletic events accordingly.

Special Events Parking:

Please utilize the legal parking along the streets in the neighborhood and surrounding areas as well as the Traut Elementary parking lot. Please check the Traut calendar for any conflicting events. If you are not legally parked or  are in a fire/red zone or a handicapped area, you can be cited for these violations. Plan to arruve early and walk some distance to the school. You can drop off in front of the school but will need to park elsewhere. Each class has 350-400 students so if mom and dad can car pool with grandparents, aunts/uncles, it will reduce the number of cars significantly for these events.

Drop off and pickup during the school day:

If you need to come in to the school during the day, please do not leave your car directly in front of the school so other cars cannot continue through the drop off area. Pull past the crosswalk area and park to the left side or park in the lot. This is the emergency entrance for medical and fire during the day and cannot be blocked even for a short time.

City of Fort Collins Bus Changes

For several years, the City of Fort Collins Transfort Department has been able to offer youth mobility throughout Fort Collins at no cost in thanks to a grant from the Bohemian Foundation.  Because the free youth fare is so valuable, youth will be required to present a valid form of ID in order to ride the bus. The great news for PSD students is that the PSD Student ID card will meet that requirement!  Visit for more information.