Awesome Pumas: 2018-2019


Seventh grader writers from Mrs. Scott's English class act as peer revision writing partners for Mrs. Hoffman's 6th graders. Since 7th graders completed this unit last year and have been working on similar skills in English this year, they were able to give valuable feedback to help improve their peers' literary analysis essays. 

Team 1- 1st place, will be going to Nationals in April.

ROAR MEN'S CHOIR - These gentlemen have worked very hard, and will be presenting this performance at the Colorado Music Educators Clinic/Conference at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs on January 25th and 9 a.m. 

Being chosen as a performing group at the state conference is an honor and Roar Men’s Choir is pleased to represent Preston at this important event. 

Please join me in congratulating this award winning choir. 


We have AMAZING teachers here at Preston who love to have fun with your students as well as teach them!  This is our Ugly Sweater Day during Christmas fun!

The Preston MS Spanish department raised $1,000 in seven days for the Heifer International project. They sold silly llama shirts after finishing up the book Capibara con botas and donated the proceeds to buy animals for struggling communities around the world. The Heifer International project sends resources to cities around the world, including many in Spanish speaking countries. The animals they send are used  in sustainable ways- for example, using the llama for wool and the alpacas as pack animals in South America.

They ended up being able to donate three llamas, one alpaca, one pig, several hives of honeybees, five flocks of chicks, and three rabbits to communities in need. Thank you to all who helped make this fundraiser a success!  

Mrs. Amy Schmer and the 2018 Preston Middle School Rotary Student of the Month students.
Mrs. Amy Schmer and the 2018 Preston Middle School Rotary Student of the Month students. 

English is important, but MATH is importanter! LOL