Before and After School Activities Beginning Feb 8, 2021

after school activities
Weights: Mr. Williams

“Attention all students interested in Weight Lifting Club; If you are interested in lifting weights this week on Wednesday for A group, or Thursday for B group, you will need to go to Mr Williams’ Classroom, West 04 today and sign up with him. Each day has a limit of TEN students so spots are limited. If you don’t get a spot this week don’t fret, you’re always welcome to join next week! See Mr. Williams for more details. “

Sign up at room W04 with Mr. Williams 

Basketball: Mr. Lowndes

 Mondays & Tuesdays; Boys Wednesdays and Thursdays - Girls. Starting with our 7th & 8th Grade students only.  Paper sign up is in the gym with Mr. Lowndes 

Volleyball: Mrs. Margison 

Wednesday & Thursdays from 3pm - 4pm.  This is CO-Ed, and sign up a paper sign up in the gym outside of Mrs. Margison's office.