Attendance Line: 970-490-3059 (Available 24hrs)

Parents/guardians must call the attendance office before 8:00 am on the morning of the absence. When calling in an absence, please leave the date, name of student, ID#, and reason for absence.

With questions about your students attendance, or to request a pick up time for your student  please call: 970-488-7351.

Campus Hours are from 7:20am am – 3:50 pm.  Students who arrive before 7:35 am will be asked to wait in the entry way. The last bell is at 2:55 pm.

Absence/Dismissal Procedures:

Illness and Emergency Absences – Whenever a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian must call the attendance line (phone: 488-3059) before 8:05 am on the morning of the absence.  When calling in an absence, please leave the date, name of student, ID# and brief reason for absence.

Dismissal During the School Day – If a student must leave school for an appointment, he/she must check out at the front office with a parent/guardian present.  The student must have a written note from the parent/guardian to the front office at the beginning of school. A dismissal slip from the front office will be given to the student for the classroom.  Upon returning from the appointment, the student must check in with front office for an entry pass. For last minute appointments CALL 970-488-7351.

Pre-arranged Absences – When a parent/guardian knows in advance that a student will be absent, we request that a note be sent to the front office with the dates and reason for the absence. 

Tardiness – Punctuality is a valuable life skill.  Preston students are expected to be on time. Any student who is late for school must report to the front office to receive a class entry pass. In order to receive an excused tardy pass, a student must have a parent/guardian sign them in at the front office, call into the attendance line (#490-3059) , or send a signed note to the front office indicating the tardy is for an appropriate reason.